Why Measure Executive Function?

Since Executive Function skills are core to academic and social emotional skill development, one could argue measuring EF skills is one of the most important tasks for an Educator. Using an Executive Function assessment in your classroom can give you and your students that extra push in all aspects of learning and behavior.

Reflection Sciences has made it easy!

So, What is EFgo™?

A simple and fun-to-use game that measures Executive Function skills in children as young as 24 months,

EFgo gives a direct measure of Executive Function skills in less than five minutes per child.

EFgo™ is a Digital Card Sorting Game designed to give caregivers and educators a direct assessment of a child’s Executive Function skills. Delivered in less than 5 minutes time, it is Engaging and Informative. Kids love the game, teachers love the data. Take a look!

It's Free!

EFgo™ is available for download now.

Early Intervention

EFgo™can be used for children as young as 24 months, increasing each child’s potential for academic and life success.


EFgo™ offers valid and reliable results in less than 5 minutes.

Easy to use

EFgo™ engages children effectively via a game-like experience and is very easy to administer.

Choose a plan that's right for you!

Teachers / Classrooms Schools / Districts / Organizations

EFgo™ Introduction + Training
EFgo™ Certification
Children Assessed
< 35
< 35
Individual Child Score
Raw score only
Individual Child Report - Comparison to National Norms
Instructional Periods with Personalized Intervention Activities
Classroom Insights
School / District Level Insights
Advanced Roster Integration
Assessment Data Export
Priority Account Management
Supports Partners Edmentum / Conscious Discipline
Advanced Research Report
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