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Distanced but still Social: Youth and Digital Media during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, child and adolescent use of digital media increased at unprecedented rates. In addition to attending classes through webcams, youth relied on digital media to socialize with peers, engage in social activism, play games, learn new skills, and interact with health care providers. This increased use has many parents wondering: Are my…

Parent helping student with math
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The Family Partnership: Leveraging a Two-Generation Approach to Improve Executive Function in Families

We know that families are the foundation of a strong and thriving community. Unfortunately, however, many factors such as living in poverty, absence of mental health care, and lack of educational opportunities can impede families’ wellbeing. The Family Partnership is a 142-year-old non-profit organization based in Minneapolis focused on closing the achievement and opportunity gaps…

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Reflection Sciences Celebrates the Heart of Afterschool Programs during “Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week”

Saint Paul, MN. April 23, 2019 | Reflection Sciences, Inc. is joining the National AfterSchool Association (NAA) to celebrate the professionals that are at the heart of afterschool programs during “Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week” April 22-26, 2019. Reflection Sciences’ mission is to reduce gaps in achievement and opportunity by advancing the science and practice of…

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Comparing and Selecting an Executive Function Assessment

Executive Function (EF) is the set of foundational skills that help prepare children for success in school, college, and beyond. They have been termed “essential skills for life” because of their effect on adult life (including relationships, career, finances, etc.). Children are not born with Executive Function skills, but they are born with the potential…

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Achievement Gap & Child-Parent Centers

Four-year-old Lola lives with her mother and three siblings in an impoverished, high-crime neighborhood, where even walking to school can be dangerous. Lola’s mother works two jobs, but as a single parent, she barely earns enough to pay for childcare and living expenses. Lola’s mother notices that Lola has trouble managing her emotions and following…

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Preschool Promise Measures Executive Function

The Preschool Promise program, a nonprofit serving Dayton, OH area preschoolers and their families, is closing the achievement gap through school readiness, equity, and resources. The program concentrates on a prominent issue experienced not only in the Dayton community but across a number of US communities: that far too many African-American and Appalachian preschoolers do…