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COVID-19, Student Trauma, and Executive Function

Everyday, we are bombarded with  new information on and experiences with COVID-19. While we may be acutely aware of how the pandemic impacts us personally we may not know how the pandemic is impacting our children or students, or  how to prevent possible long-term negative effects. It’s logical to presume that many children are experiencing…

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Get Certified in Executive Function

Whether you know it or not, Executive Function (EF) is present in your classroom. From lining up for recess in elementary school to performing a lab experiment in high school, the brain’s air traffic control system is being fine-tuned at these moments. According to EF expert and co-founder of the Reflection Sciences, Dr. Stephanie Carlson,…

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What is Executive Function?

Executive Function, or “EF”, is a distinct set of skills imperative to school readiness and academic success. Scientists refer to these skills as the biological foundation for adaptation and learning throughout life. They argue that strong working memory, cognitive flexibility, and inhibitory control – the 3 components of EF – provide the basis upon which…

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What Educators and Parents Need to Know About Childhood Trauma

“Trauma” has become a buzzword of sorts. You might have heard the term “trauma-informed education” or heard someone say that they feel “triggered”. These words and phrases have gained popularity, with some even suggesting that “trauma” was the mental health buzzword of 2018. The American Psychological Association defines trauma as, “an emotional response to a…

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Mindfulness & the effects of stress on childhood learning and development

Reducing Stress and Supporting Executive Function Development Stress is the enemy of Executive Function. It undermines reflection, attention, self-awareness, thinking, and problem-solving capacity. Watch the video below to see how prolonged stress can be mitigated by mindfulness training and help to promote successful problem solving. Want to learn more about activities you can do with…

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Promoting Executive Function Skills with Reflection Training

Successful problem solving depends on reflection Successful problem solving depends on reflection: considering the information you know and how it relates to the problem at hand. Performance on the Dimensional Change Card Sort (DCCS) Task, a precursor to the Minnesota Executive Function Scale, improves after children are prompted to *stop* and *reflect* briefly before responding.…