Some of playtime can be planning, and growing a flourishing garden can require just that. 

This week’s activity Potted Garden, helps kids appreciate where food and flowers come from and what goes into bringing them into their home. 

Growing plants is a fun, educational activity that families can enjoy anytime and encourages children to experiment with nature. If all goes well, they may even enjoy trying new foods that typically they may refuse to eat. Who can resist a fresh green bean they grew from scratch?! And sharing flowers or vegatables with neighbors is always appreciated. 

Executive Function Activities at HomeReflection Sciences and Playworks are committed to keeping kids active and learning while having fun in the process. Building Executive Function through play supports strong social emotional development. 

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About the Author:

Carrie Fruin is the mother of three sons and grandmother of two. She taught high school science for over 25 years and still is active in STEM education.

She has a strong belief that all children can learn, and it is through the understanding of Executive Function (EF) skills and their relationship to Social-emotional learning (SEL) that will assist educators in reaching all children and providing them a true foundation for success in life.