Author: Carolyn Fruin

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Button, Button. Who’s Got the Button?

I grew up in the days of danger… rickety swingsets, no bicycle helmets, and climbing trees as high as I could without an adult within a block. This was also a time when games weren’t very sophisticated and household items were never discarded, just added to the toy bin. This week’s activity, Button, Button. Who’s Got…

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Now You See It, Now You Don’t!

Can you find five differences in the image above? This task requires concentration and focus, behaviors that rely heavily on the Executive Function (EF) skill of working memory. Working memory is  the skill to keep information active in your mind for a short period of time (seconds) and keeping it available for further processing. This…

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Shake, Rattle, and Roll!

Or better yet, hop, skip, and jump! No matter how we phrase it, activity and play is important for everyone, children and adults alike. That is why Reflection Sciences and Playworks are working together this summer to make sure learning through fun continues. There are relationships between children’s play and development in several areas, including…

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Can You Really Grow Your Own Pizza?

Some of playtime can be planning, and growing a flourishing garden can require just that. This week’s activity Potted Garden, helps kids appreciate where food and flowers come from and what goes into bringing them into their home. Growing plants is a fun, educational activity that families can enjoy anytime and encourages children to experiment with…

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Singing + Ball + Fun = Learning!

It’s week 2 in our #WhattheEFSummer fun activity series and we have great news! Playworks is joining the team and adding to our list of games that strengthen Executive Function Skills and Social Emotional Learning. Singing, Throwing, Laughing This week we are focusing on impulse control and prosocial behavior with Wonderball, an active, outdoor game…